Surge Supression

Is your sensitive electrical and electronic equipment protected from damaging power surges?

With the increasing advent of smart appliances and more sophisticated electronic equipment, power surges that are common in our electrical distribution networks have become an increasingly dangerous fact of life. In the past, analog based appliances and equipment were usually unaffected by all but the most intense power surges but in today’s high-tech world, that is no longer true.

Power surges that occur normally throughout every day take a toll on the life of all of your microprocessor controlled appliances and electronics. This toll can shorten the life of your equipment or even cause catastrophic failure. Power strips with surge suppression can help but in order to be truly safe, you need to consider a complete home surge suppression system.

MNE Electric can provide you with the protection you need to prevent surges and lengthen the life of your equipment.  Read on for more information about Total Zone Surge Suppression systems and contact us for a free survey to assess your home or office.