Standby Power Systems

Power. Our lives depend on it. From everyday necessities like heating, cooling, refrigeration and lights, to daily essentials like cooking, laundry or kids’ bath times. On the coast, power outages are occurring more frequently than ever and lasting longer with devastating effects.

Many people on the Gulf Coast have invested in portable generators to use after storms while waiting for the electric utility company to restore permanent electric power to their homes and businesses.  If not connected properly, a portable generator connected to your building’s wiring system can create a hazard for you and the electric utility workers.

It is now a law in Alabama that home and business owners must ensure that backfeeds from a generator are prevented.  To do this, you will need a manual transfer switch installed properly and safely.













MNE Electric can provide reasonably priced transfer switch installations for your home or business.

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See article about the new Alabama law in Alabama Living magazine here:  See article