Energy Management

With the looming Cap and Trade legislation, electrical utility costs will be rising significantly in the near future. The time is now to begin a program to limit your exposure to these increasing costs. MNE’s Energy Management and Electrical System Optimization services is your best solution to controlling this ax that is hanging above your head.

Building Electrical Energy Management is accomplished by the installation of a user-friendly system for automating commercial buildings to better manage energy use. Electrical System Optimization is provided with a thorough review of all existing components of your electrical system and upgrades to these systems.

Building Energy Management

By accurately monitoring and controlling the main energy consuming devices in commercial buildings, such as HVAC systems, lighting, hot water heaters and other similar equipment items, we can achieve significant savings for our clients in two areas:

Kilowatt Hour Charges Savings – Utilizing smart thermostats and accurate lighting controls, we can achieve significant KWH savings.
Electrical Demand Charges Savings – Electric utilities charge commercial and industrial customers a “peak demand penalty” in addition to the total usage of electricity over the billing period. “Maximum demand” is the maximum amount of electricity used by a customer at any point in time. The electric utility must be capable of supplying this load, must size its distribution equipment accordingly, and will therefore charge the customer to be able to meet this need.

This maximum electrical energy usage, or demand, is averaged over a 15-min. period (typical), and determines the rate schedule at which a customer will be charged. Peak demand is usually caused by a spike in power consumption, most often when multiple loads come on simultaneously. These additional penalties can be high and add significantly to the cost of electrical energy. It only makes sense to minimize the amount of peak power being used, if at all possible.

By scheduling these loads, we can minimize the concurrent operation of high load equipment without significantly affecting normal operations and, thus, achieve additional energy dollar savings.

Electrical System Optimization

Optimization of your electrical system can save significant energy dollars, as well. By replacing lighting systems or retrofitting existing lighting systems with higher efficiency systems, you can save 30% or more.